Kiva Stone has a tough life keeping up with the relentless westward expansion of their town, Solasenda, but it gets a lot tougher when she fails to get into one of the town’s 5 gilds and faces a hopeless future. She and her irrepressible little sister, DeeDee, get unexpected help from Hildegarde von Ringen, who reveals the existence of a hidden doorway to a secret history the town has been hiding from its citizens, a history built on the forbidden art of DreamKeeping. As Kiva and DeeDee begin to explore the incredible powers dreams can unlock, they also begin to discover secrets about their long-lost father and downtrodden mother. But when they stumble upon a dangerous plot to get rid of them and enslave the townspeople, the girls have to flee up the Varruvyen River with Hilde and Marcel, the gruff guardian of the Wild Woods. Who are the mysterious men chasing them upriver? Will they be caught by the dreaded Berserker? The only way to survive the dangers they face during the day is to walk the unknown pathways of their dreams. Story
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The adventures of Kiva and DeeDee will become clearer and richer if you pause at the end of a chapter to think about the new clues you could use to start unlocking the mysteries of the earlier chapters...or to predict what will happen in the next ones.
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