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P.H.T. Bennet won a Newbury Comics fellowship in 2013 for Raising Sleeping Stones, but it is a project that has been growing since 2003. That was the year that his daughters, Paola and Juliette, were having a lot of nightmares that were making them scared and lose a lot of sleep. From decades of working on his own dreams and studying dreaming, Pratt knew how to help and showed them a few basic techniques to help them keep their monsters at bay, and even turn them into allies. The girls were so excited that they asked him to show them other things they could try in their dreams, and their journey began.

Over the next few months, Juliette and Paola integrated each of the techniques he shared with them into their dreams. They got so excited that they suggested he share the techniques and knowledge with more kids their age, and they started working on an adventure story about Kiva and DeeDee, two girls based on Pratt’s daughters, who knew nothing about dreaming, but had to learn in order to survive a dark plot that threatens them and the town they live in, Solasenda. Every time he had finished a chapter, Pratt would read it to his girls, and within a week or two, they would have used the dreaming skills from the chapter in their own dreams. Thinking he’d written something too easy, Pratt kept raising the bar on the difficulty of the dream skill, and the girls kept rising to meet it, often going beyond and providing him with new ideas for what their characters should try in their dreams.

Over the next 10 years, that book became 2 books, then 3. When he decided to release the first one, Raising Sleeping Stones, Pratt wanted to recapture the excitement of those early collaborations with his daughters, so he began working with a talented team of composers (Leo Langinger & Joao Goncalves), an illustrator (Veronica Jones), and filmmaker (Angela Harrer) to give the story new dimensions and take it to new heights. Now, his dream of getting readers excited about their own dreams is finally coming true.

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