CloudCatcher Steward Mysticeti WindWalker LandShaper Delphin Have you ever had a dream that went deep into your past? Or dreamt you had gone back in history? Then you might be a Mysticeti, the memory-keepers who use the wisdom of the past to solve the problems of the present. Delphin are both masters of disguises and seeing through them. If you’ve ever had a dream where a character looked like a combination of people you know, then you may have secret Delphin powers. Have you ever been in a place that felt like a combination of many other places? Then you may have the skills of a LandShaper, who can create places as complex as the Delphin’s faces. Stewards are masters of connecting dots, creating alliances, and seeing the bigger picture. If you’ve ever had a dream that solved a problem you’d been struggling with, or one where animals were helping you, you may be a Steward. These children of the air can use their dream power to fly. If you remember falling, flying, or floating in a dream, then the WindWalkers would welcome you as an honored member. Have you ever had a dream...and then part of that dream actually happened? Then you know the power of the CloudCatchers, who can peer into the future with their dreams.


Which DreamKeeping powers have you already tapped into? Dreams
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