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Living with a M.U.M., Not a Mom

Kiva was standing on the sloped roof of a tall tower, trying to keep her balance as the wind blew and Guilders piled materials and tools onto her outstretched arms. She was struggling to hold it all when a rumbling shook the roof and sent her sliding off it, plummeting and screaming downward. Just before she hit the ground, she bolted upright in bed, bathed in cold sweat. Without even thinking, her legs flipped off the sheets, swung toward the ladder, one arm flicking the bedding back in place while the other grabbed the ladder to swing her down off the top bunk, then her feet dove into the work boots waiting on the floor. She had just pulled the straps of her rumpled traineralls up over her shoulders when the final blasts of the Cultivator’s sunrise fanfare told anyone still sleeping that it was time to prepare for another day in Solasenda.

The satisfaction of having gotten a head start vanished when she spotted unexpected trouble at the same time she heard the menacing rumble of Aunt Agnes’ footsteps coming down the attic steps: DeeDee’s bed was a mess… again!


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